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Areté Sleep Formula

$ 20.00

Liquid Herbal Extract


This formula is for individuals with stronger insomnia issues. It is also recommended for individuals that wake up frequently in the night. An herbal extract would benefit those who need to avoid drinking too many fluids before bedtime. This formula is stronger than the Arete Sleep Tea.

This tincture of tranquilizing herbs will promote a healthy sleep cycle by calming tension, helping the mind unwind, and increasing deep relaxation. These herbs have been used to relieve insomnia, restlessness, irritability, tenseness, and nervousness. The overall result is an improved depth and quality of sleep, with fewer wakings and refreshed mornings.*

Recommendations: for individuals that wake up frequently during the night, keep the tincture on your night stand. You can also put a couple droppersful in a little bit of water and sip on it if you happen to wake up. This should put you back to sleep in no time!

Suggested Use: Shake well before using. Take 1-3 droppersful before bed while symptoms persist in juice or water.

Ingredients: Water, 50% Alcohol, Org. Valerian, Org. Hops, Org. California Poppy, Org. Passionflower, Org. Skullcap. % DV not established.


2 fl. oz = about 25


Areté Earth-Based Wellness is a company dedicated to helping each individual achieve optimal health with plant-based products.  Areté is a Greek word that means “excellence of any kind." Areté describes the act of living up to one’s fullest potential, finding total fulfillment, and reaching the highest level of health and harmony for our mind, body, and spirit. 


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