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Aurorae Synergy Mat

Product Description

Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel is Aurorae's latest new development and US Patent Protected; This unique super deluxe Non Slip Yoga Mat-Towel, bonds our 5mm PER yoga mat with our lush, ultra absorbent Non Slip microfiber towel. 72 inches long; 24 inches wide; No more slipping and No more need for a bunched-up Towel moving around on the floor; You will have the best of both worlds all wrapped up into one product; Synergy is a one of a kind Patented yoga product; Be One with your Mat; No More Slipping on your Yoga mat and perfect for Hot and active Yoga practices where you sweat a lot; The lush slip free microfiber towel is the top surface with our 5mm per yoga mat as bottom surface; No bunching or movement of your yoga towel while you practice; For best results lightly spray the top of your mat with water before use if necessary; 5mm thickness for comfort and stability to protect your joints. 72 inches long; Oeko-Tex tested and approved; Free from Latex, Silicone, Rubber and Phthalates; No Odor, Light Weight, Durable and easy to care for; Washing Instructions; Machine Wash alone with detergent on gentle, warm water, extra rinse cycle. If you have a top loading machine with an agitator wash by hand with a brush or coarse sponge; After rinsing your mat, wrap your mat in a bath towel and squeeze excess water out; Hang dry. Do Not Put in Dryer; Before beginning any exercise program, consult with a health care professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for exercise; If you experience any pain, discomfort or Allergic reaction while using any Aurorae products discontinue use immediately and contact a health care provider; All products are for personal use only; If you have any slipping issue with our product we suggest following our yogi tips that come with the mat



  • 1st product of it's kind; Bonds our 5mm Patented PER Yoga mat bottom surface with our Lush Non Slip Microfiber Towel Top Surface; Bonded stitched border; The more you sweat the better your grip. US Patent Protected
  • Yogi Tip For best results I recommend at the start of your practice to lightly spray some water on the top surface of your mat; This will prevent any sliding if you have dry hands and feet
  • No Longer the need to buy two products; No Slipping, No Bunching or movement of a separate towel on top of your mat during your practice; Use for Hot, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Active, Power Yogis; The more you sweat the better the grip
  • Lush, Soft, No Odor, Super Absorbent, 5mm Thick, 72 inches, Long and 24 inches Wide. Durable, Long Lasting with Easy Care


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