Hands of Devotion

Fluourite Venus Mala Beads - Hands of Devotion

This one of a kind Mala is made with Fluorite, Clear Quartz,Silk

All Hands of Devotion Malas Are Made using Materials that are Fair Trade, Sustainable and Chosen with Loving Intention. 

Hands of Devotion Excerpt:

 After years of creating my own Mala beads I received guidance a few moons ago to start creating these amazing life forms for others. I say life forms because they are more than just a meditation tool or adornment. With attention and intention, you will come to notice that a Mala has a consciousness of it's own, and it can become a cherished companion, a teacher, and even a home of sorts. Personally, no matter how many layers I am wearing, I still feel naked without my Mala.

Each of these Malas were conceived by a force that sprang out of silence and intuitively I felt compelled to craft them with love, care, and prayer. Alone, the materials used carry a high vibration that is beneficial to the wearer. When used in the practice of Japa, to repeat a mantra on each bead, they have the power to assist in inducing deep meditative states and make many positive shifts in the life and consciousness of the user. May they find their homes <3


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