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Labradorite & Evil Eye Necklace- Reiki Infused - Hawk Couture

Labradorite & Evil Eye Necklace

I lovingly call Labradorite the “mermaid” stone, as it’s famous rainbow flash reminds me of the most magickal mermaid that you could imagine. In addition, Labradorite awakens our forgotten wisdom and abilities that lay deep within the oceans of our unconscious. Anytime a stone has reflective qualities like Labradorite (and Rainbow Moonstone as another example), it is working to reflect and deflect any energy that does not belong to you, acting as a very powerful protection stone. It is an excellent stone to work with when beginning one’s spiritual journey, helping to guide and protect along the path. Know that it’s energy is very potent however, and once you’ve begun working with it, changes may develop quite quickly! Labradorite is an essential energy to work with when going through transitions. It helps us to connect with our natural intuitive and psychic abilities while remaining grounded. This is one of my favorite stones for accessing your imagination and creativity. If you are ready to embark on some meaningful growth in your life…Labradorite just might be the crystal for you at this time. The Evil Eye is something that has shown up in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. When it is worn, it is said to protect the wearer from evil forces and negative energy. In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well.


"Hawk Couture Spirit Necklaces can be worn occasionally during times where you need their energy most or can be worn as a daily accessory (especially when cleared often - see below). I made one for myself about a year ago to ward off negative energy from certain situations and it worked like a charm. I'm a naturally over extending kind of person and have an auto immune disease; keeping certain stones with me helped me be who I am but not give all of my energy away. I'm sure many of you can understand:) From there I applied this to many friends who were going through their own challenges. I would make them necklaces or other accessories set with the intention and equipped with stones for their specific situations and they were always very helpful and a source of comfort."

Source: Hawk Couture