Memory Formula- Areté

Need an extra boost? This mentally refreshing formula is crafted to help improve mental clarity, precision, long and short term memory, and focused attention. Blended with traditional memory or "brain" herbs, this herbal extract is sure to clear up any foggy moments you may have and boost your retaining power.*

This formula works great for individuals wanting to sharpen their memory as well as for students needing that extra help with those long study sessions!

Suggested Use: Shake well before using. Take one dropperful three times per day as needed in juice or water.

Ingredients: Water, 50% Org. Cane Alcohol, Org. Rosemary leaf, Org. Gotu Kola, Org. Ginkgo Leaf. % DV not established.

2 fl. oz = about 25
4 fl. oz = about 50

Areté Earth-Based Wellness is a company dedicated to helping each individual achieve optimal health with plant-based products.  Areté is a Greek word that means “excellence of any kind." Areté describes the act of living up to one’s fullest potential, finding total fulfillment, and reaching the highest level of health and harmony for our mind, body, and spirit. 


Learn more about Arete by visiting their website Arete Herbs 


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