Nancy Elias

Munay-Ki Rites W/ Nancy Elias (ENROLLMENT CLOSED)

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Tuesday, December 26th 2017
Tuesday, January 23rd 2018
Tuesday, February 27th 2018
Tuesday, March 27th 2018
Time: 7-9pm
Donation: $35
Join Nancy Elias, Shaman, Medicine Woman, Magician, Crone at The Prana House for Initiation into the Great Rites of the Munay Ki.
The Munay Ki Rites are the initiations into the new evolution of the Human Being transitioning into Luminous Beings . As the world and society is in transition, so are we as Humans. Munay Ki was given to Alberto Villodo by his Qero' teachers with the instruction to pass them to as many seekers as wish to receive them. If you are Seeking Illumination,
In that spirit, I offer these Rites as have been given to me in the lineage of the Leica, the Luminous Beings that live outside of time and space.
The Nine Rites will be given on the 4th Tuesday of the Month for 6 months.
Instructions as to feeding and using each Rite will be given after the Ceremony.
We will be sitting on the floor, so bring something to sit upon, a notebook, water and a small gift for each Rite as an offering to the Shaman.
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