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Prasiolite & Bumble Bee - Hawk Couture

Prasiolite, also sometimes referred to as Green Amethyst, helps to connect our heart chakras to our third eye chakras, helping to bring compassion to our vision and the way we show up in this life. This includes compassion towards oneself and others. Like Amethyst (the purple kind), it also helps to enhance intuitive abilities, ward off negativity, and help to strengthen our will when it comes to addictive tendencies. The Dandelion is regarded as a weed in our culture and yet in truth it is one of THE most healing plants that we have that grows abundantly and is accessible to all. The Dandelion asks what part of you have you regarded as a weed and not an asset? What part of you can you embrace and explore more to unlock your full potential?


"Hawk Couture Spirit Necklaces can be worn occasionally during times where you need their energy most or can be worn as a daily accessory (especially when cleared often - see below). I made one for myself about a year ago to ward off negative energy from certain situations and it worked like a charm. I'm a naturally over extending kind of person and have an auto immune disease; keeping certain stones with me helped me be who I am but not give all of my energy away. I'm sure many of you can understand:) From there I applied this to many friends who were going through their own challenges. I would make them necklaces or other accessories set with the intention and equipped with stones for their specific situations and they were always very helpful and a source of comfort."

Source: Hawk Couture 


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