Tarot Readings

As we approach a New Year, we can find ourselves feeling many different ways. You may be excited for a fresh start, a change of energy, and a chance to begin new habits. Perhaps you are dreading this upcoming year and fearful of what it may bring and the situations you may have to face. With a tarot reading, you can see the trends that you should be prepared for in the year to come. Energies to embrace, moments of growth and clarity, opportunities for success and joy will all be revealed. You will also find the situations to be ready for, lessons you may be taught, and potential challenges that could arise in the next 12 months. Either reading will give you the tools you need to create a conscious and growth-oriented approach into 2019. 


The Year Ahead Overview is a 20-30 minute reading composed of 5 total cards, 2 oracle cards and 3 tarot cards. The oracle cards will reveal Animal Spirit personalities that will accompany and aid you in the next year. The tarot cards will provide themes to be ready for and possible situations you may face that will be of significant importance. The reading will be geared toward explaining how you can use these guides and themes to create growth and spiritual development during the next year. 


The Complete Year Ahead is a 45-60 minute reading composed of 14 total cards, 2 oracle cards and 12 tarot cards. As in the Year Ahead Overview, the oracle cards reveal Animal Spirit personalities that will guide and assist your journey in the next year. Each of the 12 tarot cards is assigned to a month of the year. They will reveal the theme of the month as well as stages of growth, situations that may have an impact on that month, and personality traits that may beneficial to focus on at that time. The reading will focus on common themes that appear in the spread, the best approach to each month based on its card, and ways to create growth and spiritual development over the course of the year. 


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If you can no longer attend a paid class or event, we will gladly refund or credit you with a minimum 24 hour notice. If Prana House should cancel an event for any reason you will receive a full refund.


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