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Tiger's Eye Ring - Size 7 - Spiritually In Touch

Tiger's Eye Ring - Size 7 - Spiritually In Touch


About Spiritually in Touch: 

Ever since I was young, I always had an interest in nature and the outdoors. We would take family trips up to my grand pops mountain house in Huntington County. I forget how we found out about it but there was a little rock shop run by an older couple that we would visit. This is where my love of crystals developed. From there it progressed into some local rock hounding adventures as I got older. My true inspiration for creating jewelry came to me one night while seeking a crystal necklace for myself. After looking online I noticed there were dozens of styles, materials, colors, etc. even with all of these options I just couldn't seem to find exactly what I wanted. At that moment there was a spark of creativity and ambition that told me "I can do it if I put my mind to it". This is always been a concept my parents have drilled into my mind. So I did my research found some information on a few different methods and just let loose and had fun with it. I have a strong passion for creativity and once I crossed over that line, there was no stopping me. I worked night after night and before I knew it I had a large inventory of beautiful pieces.

All Spiritually in Touch crystals are hand picked for quality and energy purposes. After selection they are cared for, given a bath and allowed time for their setting to grow tightly around them. This journey continues for about 3 hours in total until being ready for their new home! Take good care by keeping them close and full of love. Each piece holds specific metaphysical characteristics.