Traditional Native American Readings By Eagle Skyfire - Fri. April 26th 2PM-6PM


Friday, April 26th 


Cost: $65 / 15 Min. Session (Overview), $90/ 25 Min. Session (More detailed overview), $180/ 55 Min. Session (Full)


"All readings are done in the traditional Native American way as it has been for thousands of years. Every session begins and ends with a blessing. Eagle Skyfire consults with your personal Guardian Spirit and helpers, and hers. According to Native American beliefs, the Great Spirit gives us all life lessons to learn, but how we express them is up to us.

Individuals have power over their own destiny. These consultations will focus on your Life Lessons, the different Paths ahead of you, and the energy that surrounds you.
With this knowledge, you can empower yourself to make your own best decisions."

Reading of Spirit:

     This reading focuses on energy, and life lessons. It can speak of the future as well as the past including past incarnations. Here you will learn how the "flow of the Sacred River", which is the flow of karmic energy touching all aspects of your life, is affecting your journey. This consultation will give you profound insight as to "why" things are happening.

Reading of Earth:

   This reading focuses on the timing of things and how different aspects of your life or a situation interact with one another. Eagle Skyfire will ask you to cast stones upon a Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel also represents the coming year and what you can expect from it.  She will interpret the patterns of the stones while speaking with your Guardian spirit. This consultation will give you detailed information on potentially "how and when" things will take place and the dynamics surrounding your questions.

Reading of Harmony:

By consulting the Medicine Wheel and your Guardian Spirit Eagle Skyfire is able to give you recommendations on what to do in order to restore Balance for yourself or a situation. This reading focuses on restoring and maintaining the greater flow of harmony within you and all areas of your life.  



 "I am Eagle Skyfire, a traditional Native American shaman.

It is my pleasure to be here at the Prana House starting on June 15th, 2018. I offer traditional Native American readings, and many other programs.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a traditional seer, spiritual teacher, and ceremonial leader. Let me guide you in finding your purpose, and enhancing your skills and gifts, so you can learn to live your life in a more meaningful, harmonious, and fulfilling way.

Please speak with staff to inquire about my most current offerings, or to register.  I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in finding your path so you may live your life to the fullest. Wanishi-thank you."


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