Vervain Herb

Vervain Herb

Vervain Herb, also known by the Latin botanical name of Verbena officinalis and common names European Vervain, Pigeon's Grass and Enchanter's Herb, is available at Starwest Botanicals in cut and sifted as well as powdered forms, including organic and wild crafted varieties.

Organic Vervain Herb from Starwest is certified organic by Quality Assurance International, which follows guidelines set out by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Organic Program. Cut and sifted dried herbs are cut to a one-eighth to three-eighths size, and then sifted through a screen so that smaller particles are removed, leaving a uniform dried herb. Powdered Vervain Herb is composed of small particles that can pass through a sixty-mesh screen. Wild-crafted dried herbs are grown and then harvested in the wild.

As one of the largest suppliers of organic dried herbs in the United States, Starwest Botanicals is committed to bringing our customers the highest quality dried herbs and herbal products with excellent customer service and fair pricing.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy.